At Rondal, we manufacture high quality punched and sawn slugs from pure aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Flexibility, innovation and care for the customer are our core guiding principles. Through introducing and implementing continuous process improvements, we aim to earn the long term satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Therefore, we are committed to:

  • listening and responding to the customers’ needs and expectations,
  • pursuing the team approach to achieving the set goals, thereby maximising the contribution by each involved individual,
  • continuous professional growth of all employees, with the view on meeting their expectations and achieving our business goals,
  • meeting the demands of our markets and thereby enhancing our competitive edge through the application of modern technologies, prospecting for new opportunities and following the changing requirements of our customers,
  • investing in the best production techniques, logistics, servicing and customer support, with the view on satisfying the customers’ expectations,
  • long-term financial security and business growth through a professional approach and high productivity levels in all areas of activity,
  • meeting demands, verifying our efficiency and continuously advancing our quality assurance system.

Through timely, goal-oriented planning of all activities, implementing these activities, verifying efficiency and taking corrective and preventive measures, we pursue and achieve the continuous advancement of our quality system.