Due to their excellent properties, aluminium products are vital in the packaging of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages of the material for this industry include:

  • smooth and clean surface,
  • resistance to corrosion and other chemical influences,
  • impermeability to light, and
  • extremely low thickness.

Durability, low price and the unique combination of the above characteristics further promote aluminium slugs in a broad variety of applications. Furthermore, products made from aluminium slugs are environmentally friendly, as they are recyclable and reusable. We deliver our slugs to the most exacting customers in the pharmaceutical industry. In collaboration with our customers, we continuously develop new products and improve the existing ones.

Application of slugs in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry:

  • packaging for drugs,
  • packaging for creams,
  • packaging for different sprays,
  • aerosols for different sprays,
  • decorative external packaging of special, signature designs for perfumes and toilet waters,
  • etc,.