We operate an in-house foundry, where we melt exclusively high-quality primary aluminium and internal materials of our own production. We never use secondary scrap materials, as these could compromise the quality of our products.

The hot-rolled coil made in our foundry serves as the input material for our slug manufacturing process. Our state-of-the-art cold rolling mill enables us to achieve narrow tolerance ranges. We operate 5 automated punching machines for different tasks: punching thicker slugs and fast punching (with rates up to 300 strokes/minute). The punching lines are automated. By means of controlled annealing, we provide our slugs with mechanical and forming properties as specified by our customers, enabling them to facilitate further transformations as required. The slugs are shot blasted, vibrated or released without surface finishing – as per the customer’s requirements. The packaging is also adapted in accordance with the customer’s preference.

We provide you with punched slugs from pure aluminium, precisely according to your specific needs and requirements:

Alloy EN AW 1070
EN AW 1050
EN AW 3102
EN AW 3207
Heat treatment OH-soft annealed
Surface treatment vibrating, shot blasting, no surface treatment
Diameter [mm] 5.00 – 140.00
Thickness [mm] 1.50 – 15.00
Shapes flat, domed, round, oval, rectangular, etc. with or without hole

Manufacturing process

In our in-house foundry, we melt the primary high-quality aluminium and internal material from our own production. To achieve the appropriate product composition and quality, the melt is alloyed, held and purified. After such treatment, the melt is ready for casting. In our foundry, we cast alloys into narrow strips of different widths. The narrow cast strip is then led through our hot rolling mill, where it is reduced in thickness and coiled.

The resulting hot-rolled coil serves as the input material for our slug manufacturing process. It is then cold rolled in our state-of-the-art cold rolling mill, which supports laser measurement of the strip thickness, thereby ensuring high quality cold-rolled strip profiles in narrow tolerance ranges. The cold-rolled coil is then ready for the punching lines. At present, we operate 5 automated punching machines (120-315 tons). Our new punching lines allow us to stamp thicker slugs at rates of up to 300 strokes/min, and are for the most part automated, thereby minimising the potential for human error.

Then, the slugs are transferred to the annealing furnace to be annealed to an appropriate hardness and are thus provided with the optimal mechanical and forming properties necessary for further transformation by the customer. This is followed by surface finishing by means of shot blasting or vibrating, according to the customer’s specifications. We operate a high-quality shot blasting machine, which guarantees a uniform and high quality surface for the finished slugs.

Then the slugs are packaged and stored in an enclosed warehouse awaiting dispatch to the customer.