Our products are a decisive factor in the quality and safety of products in the food industry.

Due to its properties, aluminium is an ideal material for applications in the food industry. It is corrosion resistant, suitable for colour printing without limitations and does not burden the environment with additional waste as it is fully recyclable. Furthermore, it does not react with most organic compounds and does not transmit light. Hence, it finds numerous applications in household products, such as pots and dishes, refrigerators, coffee machines and other kitchen appliances. It is used in food packaging, as cans, tubes, boxes etc.

Rondal manufactures a broad range of slugs for application in the production of items used in the food industry. Our high hygiene standards and state-of-the-art technologies guarantee perfect products. Thus, we progressively increase our market shares in this field, too.

Application of slugs in the food industry:

  • tubes for pastes and spreads,
  • tubes for mayonnaises, mustards, extracts,
  • aerosols for direct enhancement of beverages with bubbles,
  • aerosols for direct formation of cream,
  • packaging for different food supplements (minerals, vitamins etc.),
  • decorative external packaging for premium beverages,
  • complimentary packaging for sweet surprises or beverages,
  • protective packaging for cigars,
  • etc,.