The beginnings of Impol

Impol was founded by two brothers, Vincenc and Anton Sternberger, who bought a blast furnace and a forge shop from Ignac Greissmayer on 19 March 1825. At that time the holdings of the company comprised two boiler houses and two residential buildings. That same year, they launched their production of copper-ware. The success of these early years is also attested by the further property acquisitions made by the two brothers. They expanded their estates by purchasing forests with a view to supplying wood for firing in the plants and for the production of charcoal.

By around 1840 they employed a staff of 20 and Vincenc held an engineer’s licence obtained during his work in a copper and brass rolling mill. This was followed by a period of expansion of the company’s range of copper, brass and bronze products and semi-products.

In the period between 1954 and 1960, Impol progressively shifted its production from copper processing to aluminium processing, in line with the growth of aluminium consumption and its perceived future prospects.


Start of slugs production

Impol began to manufacture slugs in 1962. Following a reorganisation, this area of production was transferred to an autonomous enterprise, Rondal. During that period, Rondal was not a member company of the Impol group. In 1995, Rondal obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, which testifies that even at that time, efficiency and customer orientation were the focus of the company.


Final acquisition of Rondal by Impol Group

Early in 2012, the Impol group repurchased and acquired the Rondal company. Since then, Rondal has been a member company of the Impol group.