In our sister company within the Impol group we acquire top quality materials for further processing. Within the scope of this programme we can also stamp other alloys into slugs of up to 15mm in thickness. Such a manufacturing process ensures our high level of responsiveness to the needs and requirements of our customers, as we can manufacture slugs from a virtually boundless range of aluminium alloys. Alloy slugs manufactured by means of this process are suitable for technical components in the automotive and other exacting industries.

We manufacture punched slugs from aluminium alloys of our standard range of alloys or from alloys developed specially according to your specifications:

Alloy EN AW 6082
EN AW 6060
EN AW 3003
or any other Al alloy (of the 1000 series, 3000 series, 6000 series…)
Heat treatment OH-soft annealed
Surface treatment vibrating, shot blasting, no surface treatment
Diameter [mm] 5.00 – 140.00
Thickness [mm] 1.50 – 15.00
Shapes flat, domed, round, oval, rectangular, etc. with or without hole

Manufacturing process

Only high quality materials acquired from our sister company in the Impol group are used for the manufacture of punched slugs. The material is punched on two new punching machines. Within the scope of this programme, we can also stamp other alloys into slugs of up to 15mm in thickness. Such a technological process gives us a competitive edge, since we can offer slugs made of different alloys, either those in our standard range of alloys or alloys developed in collaboration with the customer. Slugs made from alloys according to this manufacturing process meet the most stringent quality standards for further transformation in different industries.

Punching is followed by surface finishing by means of shot blasting or vibrating. Slugs are packaged and labelled according to the customer’s specifications.