Our products promote quality and efficiency in the automotive industry.

The main guiding principle in the automotive industry is to reduce vehicle weight. This results in lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the automotive industry. Thanks to their excellent mechanical and transformation properties, low weight and cost effective manufacture, aluminium and aluminium alloys constitute a sustainable development factor within the automotive industry. With the growth of the market share of electric cars, aluminium products are relentlessly gaining momentum in this major industrial segment.

Application of slugs in the automotive industry:

  • fuel filter casings,
  • air-conditioner noise attenuators,
  • capacitor and filter casing covers,
  • hydraulic filter casings,
  • hydraulic hose sleeves,
  • air bag system components,
  • air-conditioner condensate drier casings,
  • capacitor casings,
  • parking sensor casings,
  • components of motor lifting hydraulic pistons on boats,
  • braking system components,
  • clutch components,
  • propulsion electric motor components,
  • etc,.