In selecting materials for application in the electronic and other technical industries, the weight of the product is an ever more decisive factor. Hence, aluminium progressively substitutes for other, heavier materials, as it allows the load bearing structures to be cheaper and lighter. Furthermore, aluminium is more elastic than most materials, which facilitates the application processes. Another winning property of aluminium is its resistance to corrosion and, in turn, its long useful life, saving the costs of renovation. Due to its superb characteristics, aluminium is continually entering the field of electronic appliance manufacturing in innovative ways.

Application of slugs for different technical components and in other fields:

  • capacitor casings and covers,
  • housings for smaller fire extinguishers,
  • components for doubling coils in the textile industry,
  • signalling rocket casings,
  • fireworks rocket casings,
  • cases for special two-component glues,
  • felt pen cases,
  • tubes for paints (oil paints, pastel paints),
  • tubes for car touch-up paints,
  • etc,.