Together, we build a better tomorrow

In our business policies and development decisions, we always consider the most important factor, i.e. caring for our employees. We strive towards partnership in our relations with the employees, based on responsibility, fairness and a focus on the future. As a member of the Impol group, we are ranked among the best employers on the regional as well as the national scale, as we always provide for the financial security of our employees, as well as for favourable conditions for their growth and progress.

In year 2017 Rondal also obtained the OHSAS 18001 Certificate (successful recertificated into ISO 45001:2018 in year 2020)

Our employees are aware that our core values, which give us a competitive edge in the global theatre, are flexibility, innovation, quality and loyalty. Our human resources policy also follows these guiding principles.

We build our competitive edge on our staff and their competencies, therefore, we are intent on developing their competencies.

We communicate with our employees through the corporate internal media of the Impol group (“Metalurg” newsletter, monthly “Metalurgov poročevalec” bulletin), and we have arranged an info centre in the hub of our production process, designed to inform our employees regarding the company’s business performance.

Within the Impol group, numerous events are organised for the employees every year (sports games, events for children, events for innovators, researchers, pensioners, etc.).

In the Impol association for health promotion, we provide for the active sports and cultural life of our employees.