Our specialty is sawing slugs from pressed or drawn bars; thus, slugs in different diameters are available to our customers. Within the scope of this programme, we manufacture sawn slugs from all kinds of aluminium alloys, in a variety of diameters and thicknesses. Sawn slugs with diameters ranging from to are available. In terms of thicknesses, the choice is from up to.

In collaboration with customers, we undertake projects to develop both custom shapes and special aluminium alloys.

Advantage of our sawn slugs – both the shape and the alloy can be developed in collaboration with the customer:

Alloys Aluminium alloys of any type
Heat treatment OH-soft annealed
Surface treatment vibrating, shot blasting, no surface finishing
Diameter [mm] 10.00 – 100.00
Thickness/length [mm] 11.00 – 200.00 (or more)

Manufacturing process

Bars for sawing into slugs are also acquired within the Impol group. We apply pressed and drawn bars. The latter, in particular, enable us to achieve extremely narrow tolerance ranges to meet the most stringent quality and technical standards.

A high productivity and high quality saw is used for precision cutting into different thicknesses. After sawing, slugs are annealed according to different annealing programmes, as specified by the customer. This is followed by surface finishing by means of shot blasting or vibrating and, finally, by packaging and storing.